Industry-leading , innovation , quality and superior service with the Nizam cooling in sales , with outstanding experience in recent years is ready to meet all the needs of modern retailing .
Nizam started its operations in 2003 with the name of our company , computer controlled , modern appliances , equipment and qualified personnel serves . Today Ordinance , pioneering and innovative structure, range of products according to European quality standards , the quality of after-sales services are among the industry leaders .
Product quality as well as provide after-sales services, in all regions of Turkey has established a range of services to customers 24 hours a day 7 days .
Show the restructuring process due to its superior performance and efficiency in product development for major projects involving the Ordinance on the agenda intensive cooling capacity , superior design, image and a monthly production capacity exceeding 60 also are working to come on .
Cooling marketleş aware of the Ordinance , the rapid development of the sector with the responsibility of being among the leaders , the principle of quality and service , which is investing in the future by combining with contemporary structure